Quality Control

Facility Maintenance Services will work with clients to create a customized audit process.
Management is in contact client representatives regularly to address needs.

Facility Maintenance Services will work with clients to develop a customized annual audit. The FMS management team covers all of our properties. In addition to ensuring that cleaning specifications are met, audits are utilized to note abnormal facility conditions, aesthetic improvement items and safety items. At the end of the audit an action plan will be developed to address any cleaning items and the maintenance list is given to our client.

Account managers and/or the owner of the company are available around the clock to address concerns, issues and emergencies. The account manager is in contact with client representatives regularly, ensuring that their needs are addressed. The owner and account management carry cell phones ensuring that someone is always available.

Our monthly employee meeting is utilized to review performance, address issues and continue training. At monthly meetings one section of our training matrix is reviewed and employees are tested. We are focused on continued education of all our employees in technical skills, safety, environmental awareness and customer service. A well-rounded communication program will ensure that our mutual objectives are met.